“Society, watching the time of ruin for fanaticism”

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(Press Release)
“When a decision of the government of an independent country changed for the growl of fanatic religion mongers then surely the situation is unstable and that country and government is also in a high risk of destruction.” The members of Hezbut Tawheed’s central committee give this opinion in a press conference at Abdus Salam Hall in National Press Club on 5 March 2020 (Thursday).

They have organized this press conference as a protest against those religion mongers who had pressurized to stop the central meeting program of Hezbut Tawheed on 25 February 2020. The Women Affairs Secretary of Hezbut Tawheed, Rufaydah Panni, described the cause of suspending the central meeting at the very last time.

She said, “Hezbut Tawheed completed its 25 years of struggle and achievements in 2020 and for that, we had decided to conduct a ‘Silver Jubilee’ Celebration. We had chosen the Kallyan Samiti Field at Uttara, Sector 14 as the venue. We had received the permission of field authority at 24 January. Then we had received the written documents of permissions from the government. We had taken countrywide a huge arrangement to ensure the conference.”

She also said, “We were cooking for 30 thousand people at Diabari Uttara on 24 February, one day before the program. At midnight we came to know that the local Alem and Olamas are trying to spoil the conference. Even the law enforcing officials also phoned us to inform about this matter. The informed, “Some people of Kawmi Madrasah and some people of Tablig-Jamat (Jubaier’s supporters) will come to the venue to spoil the conference at the time of Fazar prayer in the morning.”

From the morning many students and teachers started to come to our venue via bus and on foot and they have started to block the roads and provoke the people. They also attacked and smashed some vehicles in different places. The law enforcing administrators wanted our opinion and then our Honorable Emam, Hossain Mohammad Salim, decided to postpone the conference for avoiding conflicts, bloodshed and thinking about the security of the people in that area. As if we were attacked then the members of Hezbut Tawheed would resist the assaulter, religion mongers, for defending themselves and then it would turn into a huge massacre and chaotic situation. Besides our members, the innocent students of Madrasah will also get affected. Then the media will preach those images of them saying that Hezbut Tawheed is attacking Alems and for that the image of our country will get destroyed. Therefore, he has abide by the loose of crore of money to think about the situation and postponed the program.”

Besides this, the General Secretary of Hezbut Tawheed, Md. Moshiur Rahman, Publicity Secretary, SM Samsul Huda, and Literary Secretary Md. Riyadul Hassan were present there. Md. Moshiur Rahman presented five demands in his written press release.

(1) Those who provoked the student of different madrasah spreading false and illogical propaganda must bring under the law and justice as soon as possible.

(2) Those who are involved with stopping the program must give compensation to Hezbut Tawheed as we had a lot of economic loose and defamation.

(3) We had already cased files and general diaries (GD) against those who used the sacred place like mosques to spread the false propaganda and they must be arrested and brought before the law and justice as soon as possible.

(4) The women of Hezbut Tawheed faced vivid problems in the society and street as a result of those religion mongers hatred speeches about them. Government must ensure the security and honour of these women as we are staying in a democratic independent country and also have to ensure this that these women could preach their ideology and attend every social, cultural, and political development of our country.

(5) Government must take steps against those who tried to stop our program as in an independent country like Bangladesh, a law abider movement like Hezbut Tawheed could do programs and seminars against terrorism, militancy, turmoil and injustice according to the constitution of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh.

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The members of Hezbut Tawheed’s central committee (from left) H. Tawheed’s Joint General Secretary Md. Ali Hossain, Publicity Secretary SM Samsul Huda, General Secretary Md. Moshiur Rahman, Women Affairs Secretary Rufaydah Panni and Literary Secretary Md. Riyadul Hassan.

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